Optifade Camouflage

The latest pattern from Optifade - Waterfowl Pattern

Optifade Waterfowl camo pattern

Optifade Woodland CamouflageOptifade Camouflage Original pattern

Harkila has now adopted Optifade for their new Q Fleece range which is wind proof thanks to Gore Windstopper fabric. The jacket is reversible to olive green and is both quiet and warm.

Trousers are Optifade only. Read more at Scott Country >>

Optifade digital camouflage

Image by Optifade, jacket by Sitka Gear

The camo pattern has been well recieved by hunters and is gathering quite a following of loyal supporters. It is designed specifically for hunting and takes into account the way animals see. The idea is that even if you are spotted by your quarry you won't register as a predator to them. Some hunters have reported being seen but the animal hasn't been spooked at all.

For some images of it in use see Brendan Burns blog (Schnees Powder Horn Outfitters).


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