Tru-Balance Throwing Knives

Harry K. McEvoy was creating throwing knives way back in the '50s, for longer than some of us have been alive! He set a benchmark with his knives in quality and function and they are now highly sought after. His company Tru-Balance or Tru-Bal is still going.

Ken Gary (USA) has a site and online shop dedicated to Tru-Bal knives where collectors can pick up the same Tru-Bal knives that Harry made (a tradition continued by his son Stephen). Ken's online shop can be found at

Tru-Bal Throwing Knife SocietyHarry's knife throwing books are still available from Amazon and still just as relevant today as they were when he first wrote them. They provide a great introduction to Knife and Tomahawk throwing.

Check out these images of Harry throwing way back in '75.