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A lot of people have contacted me asking where they can get a throwing knife from. Not the little feather-weight throwing knives that are difficult to learn on but the larger, heavier blades.

This site brings you that information along with some other outdoor gear that sparked our interest.

Some of the throwing knife makers are in the US and would require importing the blades but this needn't be expensive or difficult. Knives are shipped back and forth every day.

There are plenty of fine blades available in the UK if you know where to look and that is why these pages exist. If you know of other retailers or makers in the UK that provide great service and a quality knife then let me know.

Firstly, what to look for in a throwing knife >>

Combat Knife Throwing


The bushcraft scene has been expanding steadily. As everyone becomes more environmentally aware it's natural for some people to want to get out and enjoy in a rustic way. Apart from self-reliance it's a good way of learning about the natural world around us.

In the bushcraft pages I'll be having a look at some great kit and innovation, both commercial and homemade.